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Singe- By Aly Martinez---- YOU GO THE HELL ON ALY!!!!

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Singe By Aly Martinez... A page turner!
In this book the wealthy heiress of the Park fortune, Rhion Park finds herself the object of her brother stalkage. She hires the guardian security to keep him away all the while keeping herself hidden away from the world. She spends her days locked in her apartment writing fiction novels about a night that happened years ago. The fire. A fire which left over 20% of her body in grafts and which she painted with tattoos. The fire that she was saved from by Jude.

Jude this is how I feel about you!
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Reasons why I hate but love Jude.
1. He tries so hard to not be with Rhion because he believes it is his fault that she was hurt/ I love him because he knows he can't get away from loving her no matter how hard he tries.
2. I hate that he hates his own scars, but I love that he thinks Rhion's are beautiful.
3. I hate that he blames himself for her injuries in the fire even though he did save her life, but I love that he does not run to the hero role.

The Guardian Security Dynamic!

I love the whole security dynamic! Johnson is of course my favorite, even though he is a complete jerk 

Bomb Drop #1

So Johnson is gay? Bi? Confused? I swore that he and Rhion were together the way he was so tender with her in the beginning parts of the book. My jaw literally dropped when he told her that "he was always into women as long as there was a man on the other side!"  I need a book about Johnson and his love life... I need to know!!

Bomb Drop #2 

Leo knew the entire time that Rhion was a bit (MASSIVELY) obsessed with Jude and he still hired him to work for them? That could have gone bad in so many different ways! 

Bomb Drop #3

So you are telling me that Pete is the bad guy this whole time!!! REALLY!!! THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME!!! I was so upset by this. I literally screamed at my e-reader!

Rhion has just spent the past 2 years of her life going through the ringer, she loses her father, she is injured in a fire and is saved by Jude only to turn around and throw him under the bus, she is willed her fathers entire estate and everyone including her step mother has their hands out, she gives the business to Pete her fathers assistant but still gets money whenever she wants. Her brother stalks her to the point she can not leave her own home, she only goes upstairs to hang with the guardian crew and back to her place. Come to find out the only person that she thought really cared about her, Pete, was the real villain! The biggest shocker of them all. APOLLO!! I just couldn't believe it! The abrupt left that this book took left me speechless, breathless and with strained eyes from not blinking while I was reading! I did not want to miss a thing!

Jude and Rhions love made me so happy
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I loved how it wasn't your typical yes I saved you so that means you are mine, love. It was a tortured I do not deserve you, I am the reason you are hurt love. And the loyalty that he has for her and vice versa, ugh just let me melt right here. My heart fluttered every time he called her butterfly

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. Where did you think of Jude! His personality is everything!!!
2. Will Rhion publish her books about Jude?
3. Will there be a book about Johnson? Maybe his time with a younger Rhion?

For my fellow book lovers:

Do you feel like Johnson and Alex had a thing or was that just me?
Do you think that Apollo is just playing her?
What are your thoughts on Pete, Did you all expect that? (I expected something just not that!)

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
5 freaking stars!!!
From the very first page I was freaking hooked! I didn't want to put it down, the action never stopped,and I felt like each person had their own unique personality! The story itself was so different, and the twists!!! Yes!!

Characters (Likability)
5 Freaking stars!
There are a lot of characters but I loved them all! I loved how they all took care of Rhion even with her quirkyness, how they all tried to help her even though Apollo starting the fire was impossible. How close they all were as a unit! ONE MO GAIN!!! YES!!!

How bad ass was this book:
5 holy freaking stars!!!
I was ready for a good read but this was phenomenal! I have no qualms with this book at all!!! I love it! LOVE! LOVE!!!!

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A Shade of Blood By Bella Forrest---- I Need IT!!!

BOOK 2!!!! I Need It!!!!

A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest


Let me start this review off by saying I started reading this book within 30 seconds of finishing the first one A shade of vampire - Here is my review of that one! Usually follow up books are not as good as the first one but.... Jeez Lousie!!! Ms. Forrest did a wonderful job!!! The first thing that I will say is that my hatred for Ben grows with each passing page.

Ben this is how I feel about you ----------

If you really cared for Sophia even as friend how could you tell her that you always knew that she liked you and you liked her too but you weren't ready to settle down. SO INSTEAD OF MANNING UP  and telling her your feelings you decided to play with her emotions by having her watch you tounge down every chic in sight....ugh... you DISGUST me! Then on top of all that you decide after of course seeing her with another man, Derek Novak (*******SIGH*******) ,  That you want to be with her more than just her best friend. Really? Really?? Really!!!!!   Then on top of that you give her an ultimatum, Either you or Derek? How could you do that, did you even think about your family, your little sister? 

 Next Bozo up----


Derek Why oh why did you do it. You spent all that time convincing me that you were a good person only to drain someone as soon as Sophia leaves. I understand you are losing yourself right now but how do you think Sophia will feel when she comes back....oh yea she comes back! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!  Come to find out the ultimatum that Ben gave Sophia did nothing but push her further into the shade. But not before Derek decides to chase his brother off the island and destroy the sun room. He just keeps making worse and worse decisions. But.... I still love him. Apparently so does Sophia.

Just when you think things can't get any worse, Vivienne goes off to find Sophia and ends up getting kidnapped by the hunters! This is no good for Derek and is the catalyst behind him going after Ashley. Then to add another twist into the mix, Ben goes off and joins the Hunters only to find out that the leader of the Hunters is Aiden Claremont.....yes that's right Sofia's deadbeat father is the leader of the people that are trying to extinguish everything that is the Shade.  

I was so caught up with this book. I just wanted everything to work out.....smh.

Awww he loves her!!! I knew it but the fact that he says it outloud makes all the difference. He also winds up taking her to his sanctuary which happens to be a lighthouse, all very romantic. The couple goes through a series of ups and downs one being Sophia demanding that he no longer allow any of the vampires to kill the humans on the island. This causes a great ruckus with the Elite. Safe to say they are not happy.

In keeping up with the story, we finally find out what happens to Lucas he goes over to the Maslen clan but not before trying to locate his father who refuses to meet him.  Once Lucas gets to the Maslen clan in Egypt we are able to meet Borys Maslen and the widely talked about Ingrid.  To my great surprise Ingrid is none other than ..... WAIT FOR IT......

Camilla Claremont

Yes Sophia's mother is Ingrid and apparently she has promised Sophia to Borys.... Bella Forrest is going to make me go insane with these cliffhangers.... but I love it.

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. This Island seems to be HUGE! Any place inparticular you based the location off of?
2. Why is Gregor Novak so distant from his children?

For my fellow book lovers:

Do you feel like the other girls of the Harem have Sophia's best interest at heart?
Do you think the Elite will go along with them not killing anymore humans and going back to the blood of animals and of the dead?
Should Ben really be trusting Aiden Claremont?

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
4.5 Stars
This book was so hard to put down and since I already read the first book I already am invested in the story. I caught myself being surprised at few points in the story but at other points I was a bit disappointed, ok one point. You only give one paragraph to the first sex scene? There could have been more detail and still kept it PG. 

Characters (Likability)
4 stars!
I wish I knew what happened to a few characters, Vivienne for starters and the Hudson family? But besides that I think the characters stayed true to what they were in the first book. I was happy to see That Derek returned back to his tortured diamond in the rough ways.

How bad ass was this book:
5 Stars!!!
For the second time in this series- I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!  
Besides the few times that I got caught up because of the change in POV, this book was absolutely breathtaking. I find myself sighing at certain points and laughing at others. I can't wait until I start the next book.

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A Shade of Vampire- Bella Forrest They say it's a twilight 2.0...Ugh

A Shade Of Vampire by Bella Forrest


This is a review for a series that I stumbled across via Facebook. I am a little put off only because the ad claimed that it was better than Twilight. I don't want a book trying to live up to Twilight, I want a book that is its own separate entity.

The start!!- so first I would like to say that I was sucked in right from the start. I was a little pissed off at Ben for not putting her first but I tried not to let it get the best of my feelings for him. I am hoping that he plays a bigger part later. Unfortunately I am a bit disappointed in the inconsistencies in the book. There is one part where it says that her hands are bound and that it hurts for her to even move her arms but then the next chapter she is using her hands to rub all over her body?  One chapter Derek removes the chains and has her walk beside him then the next chapter she complains that she can't help because she is chained and watched behind him
(*********AAAAAAA..... HUH?********)

SAY WORD!!! I was all set to dislike this book based on other peoples reviews and the fact that they kept comparing it to twilight.... THEY ARE SOOOOO WRONG!!!    This book is great on its own merit. I love the fact that Bella shows just how much the other slave women mean to Sophia. The fact that she was willing to ask if she could take them with her when Derek was going to set her free showed just how much compassion she really had. 

Out of all the characters in the story that I really should be made at I was surprised that out of all of them BEN was who I have a severe hatred for.  Sophia loved him for years and although she never said anything he should have known that there were some feelings going on there. She was obviously caught between wanting to stay with Derek and leaving with Ben. She tried to explain to him that Derek was not as bad as Claudia but Ben was just not having it. I can understand that he was taken by the most sadistic of the them all and was tortured but just because one was bad does not mean all of them are bad.

Lucas- Where did you go??? Lucas is also on my shit list. I don't know how he could betray his brother that way but at every turn he seems to want to hurt Derek.

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. Is it me or does this really have a slight Beauty and the Beast feel to it? Was the Disney classic any influence while writing this book?
2. Did Lucas believe that he should be king instead of Derek?
3. Where did the members of the shade reside before the island?

For my fellow book lovers:

Do you feel like Sophia and Derek could be compatible for the long haul?
What do you feel like the Derek Father is going to be like? A tyrant like Lucas or more like Vivienne?
What are your thoughts on Ben?

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
3 stars!
I was on enthralled with this book but I will say that getting used to the switch in point of view took a little getting used to. I especially noticed it when there were discrepancies in what happened in the previous chapters. With all that said, the actual story itself kept me quite entertained, this book was definitely a page turner.

Characters (Likability)
4 stars!
There are so many characters to get used to right from the start in this book. For the most part I felt like the characters played true to themselves, Lucas was a jerk from start to finish, Derek was the tortured soul from start to finish, and Sophia was the strong compassionate flawed one from the beginning. The only one that was a little bit of a mystery to me was Vivenne. I can't tell if she means everyone well or not. Also I wish there was a bit more backstory on the other harem girls.

How bad ass was this book:
5 Stars!!!
After being ready to be disappointed I am happy to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!   There is very little I can say bad about this book, the story was riveting the characters were new and refreshing and the cliffhanger literally had me downloading the next book immediately. I can't wait to read what happens to Sophia and Derek. I have a feeling that this is going to be a killer series!

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Black Tight Leather- Poem inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

Black tight leather
Shiny and ready for tonight
Hand cuffs in hand just
In case you want to fight
All my items are in a row
And your emotions nothing short of fright
You look at me like I’m crazy
But you don’t move, intrigued
I’m a changed woman, no more lace
Yes a changed woman indeed
I’ve been waiting for years
For this inner vixen to be freed
Now the time has come
Cat o’nine tails in hand
Dark room, no sound
Time for the domme to take a stand
Time to cross over from the
Blessed into the damned
I save the toys for a later date
I want to just get the act over
I will not wait for to long
Pants off and me bending over
You still look scared, I’m bored
Now, pants unbuckled, gun out the holster
Game time.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review.... Sigh

This is a review of the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie. The books Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, all written by the wonderful E.L James. Yes she is wonderful she introduced Christian to us all...****Sigh****
Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James

Let me start this review by saying that I absolutely adore the fifty shades books. I have read each of them countless times. I have read fifty shades of grey fan fiction, one of the best I have ever encountered is They tell the story completely from Christians POV. I loved it.  
I went to see the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
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The Characters!
Anastasia Rose Steele played by Dakota Johnson
This was great casting! I can totally picture her as Ana. While watching the movie seeing her move and talk, all I could say was that's Ana!!! She was clumsy and very mousy like the book. I did wish that she showed more of her smart mouth but I can understand that because of time restraints not every part of the book could be transferred to the big screen. Her body was perfect in accordance with the book, skin was the right tone and hair was right on point! She had an inner fire that could be seen  in her eyes. I really liked how she was visibly upset by the purchase of the car. All in all Dakota did a great job!

Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan
Soooo... Jamie Dornan played Christian. Let me be the first to say that Christian Grey has some huge shoes to fill. HUGE. So its with great regret that I have to say Jamie did not live up to what I had in mind for Christian Grey. I will say that they got the body type close to perfect in my eyes. That lower V in the pelvic area.... *****O>>>>>>M>>>>>>>G******
He was good in the interview scene, I was thoroughly impressed! I remember looking up at the 
screen thinking ...sheesh, I'm nervous for her. BUT that is about the most I could say. I was not once intimidated by Christian, his surroundings yes but I was never intimidated by him. He did look intense but his breakthrough came too soon. My first "Christian would never do that" moment was after Ana woke up from night out with Kate and Jose, hung over. He brought her toast?? Just toast??? But the kicker was when he crawled onto the bed and took a bite out of the toast Ana was holding, playfully... Christian would not do that. At least not so early into the book/movie. There were countless times where he (Jamie Dornan) would say something that Christian said in the book but it would sound forced or shaky, no confidence behind it. Example the business meeting scene "I want to fuck you into next week"... definitely something that Christian would say but I couldn't believe it when I heard it from Jamie. Just no confidence. He gave a good show but didn't match up to the famous Christian Grey.

Story : From Book to Screen

I felt like the movie was condensed way too much but I can understand why. I mean who wants to sit through a three hour movie. I was happy to see that they pretty much tap on every major part of the book. They touched on the throwing up spectacle after they finished there finals. Although Jose didn't look very drunk to me, but that's my opinion. They touched on Ana sleeping with him, they touched on the gliding and Charlie Tango... Good job with that scene guys!!! Ana meeting Grace. Kate and Elliot's relationship.
My issues through out the whole book there was not ONE TIME we heard of Christian using an iPhone! He is a Blackberry man!!! WHERE IS IT??? Not one time did we hear of Ana and Christian stopping the car to take a walk into the forest and look at the lake to talk, At least not in book one. NEVER did they have a business meeting in Christian's office building to discuss the contract! NEVER!!! I wish those who created this movie would have just stuck to the book. Its the little details that really resonate with the reader and make us fall back into love with the story of Christian and Ana.

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. What did you think about the final movie? Were you impressed with the actors and how they portrayed your characters?
2. Did the movie live up to your ideas of all the characters?
3. Did you have a hand in the choosing of all the characters?

For my fellow book lovers:

What did you think of the characters? Is Jamie the best Christian? Dakota for Johnson?
What part of the book did you wish was in the movie? What part was OK to be left out?
My pick for Christian Grey!
Henry Cavill is my dream Christian Grey. ``````````SIGH`````````

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
3 Stars!!!
I was really only able to follow this movie because I read the book. If I had not read the book I would have been completely confused. I was disappointed because there was quite a few different events in the books that was not played out on screen and quite a few events in the movie that was not in the book.

2 Stars!!!
I was sooooo disappointed in many of the characters. Mia Grey, Katherine Kavanagh, CHRISTIAN GREY. None of them looked or acted like what was portrayed in the book. I feel like they got Taylor right on the head and Ana was a good casting, but for the most part everyone else was a huge let down

How bad ass was this Movie:
Unfortunately I can only give this movie 3 Stars :-(
I was hoping for so much more than what I was given. I desperately tried to go into the theater with an open head but I couldn't get passed all the errors in the movie and everything that they left out. I wish they could just do the movie over and really stay true to the book. Give me the little details that I yearn for. Make me really intimidated. Make me believe!

Friend Zone- Belle Aurora... Literary Genius!!!

This review is about a book that had me hooked from the very beginning! I couldn't put it down!
Friend Zoned By Belle Aurora
Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned, #1)

Can you say OH...MY.... EVER-LOVING JESUS!!!!! 
By the end of chapter 2 when Tina was explaining why she loathed Jace I was stuck! I gasped audibly and backed away from my screen... Screaming all the while in my head, "no no I need to know more!!!"
I loved how the author placed little sub text under the chapter number, it was so fun!
The phrases that they use in this book have me smiling from ear to ear but then again I am a goof ball myself just like Tina.
I LOVE IT!!!!! The more I read the more Tina seems like the perfect person, flawed but with a great personality.
There is a lot of affection being thrown around. There is hugs and jumping and I love yous right from the start. Tina seems to be a very caring person,  someone who makes sure that everyone is OK before they look out for themselves.

Freeze Frame- He just quit smoking. Going from having a full blown smoke break schedule to not smoking again just because of one remark? from someone you don't even know?? Yea... not realistic at all.  Also another part of the story that is really bothering me, The author has this story taking place in New York, yet she has Tina closing the store and people randomly running into stores with a gun? Yea... what part of New York does that happen?
Ummmmm....So some dude basically rampages through your whole life by having you investigated and you feel bad for him??????? WHAT??? I am nice and i like to think that me and Tina have a lot of common traits, this is not one of them.

There were so many times in the book that I just wished that they would realize that they were good for eachother. It seemed that they were both getting in each others way.

Max seemed like a really good guy, I was worried for a while that He would fall in love with Tina.
Gratefully everything played out the way it should have.

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. Will there be another book with Tina/Nik  as the stars?
2. What made you pick Croatia as the place where Tina comes from? Russia for Nik?
3. Why did Nik feel like his time spent in the gang Chaos was a bad part of his past, he seemed to be ashamed of what he had done instead of being proud of his heritage.

For my fellow book lovers:

How do you feel about the way Nik and Tina met? Realistic?
Anyone live in New York? Does this feel like a book that could have really taken place in New York City?
Who was your favorite character? Why?

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
5 Stars!!!
I was on an endless journey with this book. I could easily follow along with what was happening and could see myself there with the characters. I had a few problems with the location of the book being a native New Yorker but besides that this book was a great read.

Characters (Likability)
5 Stars!!!
There is nothing but good things that I can say about the characters in this book. From all the girls at Safria to all the boys at the White Rabbit I was enthralled. They all had great personalities, all very genuine. I never once picked up the book and thought how generic the character seemed. I thoroughly loved each and everyone of the characters in the book.

How bad ass was this book:
The best book I have read this week!! 5 Stars!!!
I was glued to my screened for this whole book. There was very few times where I had to stop myself from reading the book because something got on my nerves. (Who closes a NY boutique in the middle of the day for lunch?) :-/. But it was never longer than a minute of down time! I loved this book from beginning to end. I cried with Max and Tina, I routed Nik on, I was pissed at Ghost, I felt like I was really in the story with them! LOVED IT!!!

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Tangled- Emma Chase- Drew can you teach me Investment Banking??????

I am doing this review on a great book. Immediately! Meaning it didn't take me a couple of chapters for it to pick up, this book had me smiling from jump.
Tangled By Emma Chase
Tangled (Tangled, #1)

The start:
I have to start this review off by saying the author did a great job at really using Drew's voice. I loved it. The freeze frames and letting the reader know to pay attention to certain things. Pure genius!!!

2 chapters in:
Oh... Good... God... would you get to the point already. This talking to the reader bit is getting kind of old. Jeez Louise. How many metaphors and "for instances" can you possibly get in one chapter?
"I'd hit it harder than Mohammed Ali"... really? REALLY???
I don't really appreciate Drew telling me what I am thinking... in fact what I was thinking had nothing to do with that...ugh.

Few more chapters in;
Their first predictable (still hot though)!!!!

Middle of the book: Not a lot of plot to this
Sex, sex, sex... lots of hot sex.  I was happy that the dialogue between Drew and Kate began to pick up. It was so interesting to see how they interacted and how well the chemistry between them picked up. I do wish they spent a little more time describing the picture, I never felt like I really knew what either character looked like and every time Drew would ask the reader "Do you see me there" I would just shrug and say no.

End of the book:
Can you say PERSISTENT!!! I was drawn in with the antics that Drew used to win Kate. I'm not going to say that I was caught up in all his genuine love because I didn't feel like it was real... it actually felt like he was trying to win a game. Like she was the one thing the spoiled brat couldn't have and he would do anything to have it. I am pretty sure I would have killed him myself if I had a three piece band following me around.

This book did not take me very long to get through and for the most part it was fun to read. I got a little caught up with the way the author chose to write the book, dialogue between characters was minimal while dialogue between drew and reader was at the forefront. Not the most traditional way, but not bad none the less.

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. What caused you to write the book this way? Did you take in to account that some readers may find it offensive to be told what they should be thinking by a fictional character?
2.Who was your inspiration for the Dee-Dee character?
3.Do you think that Drew could ever take a backseat to Kate in order for her to further her career?

For my fellow book lovers:

 What do you think of Kate's thoughts on just wanting to go into I-banking just for the money? Do you agree? Approve? Think she will be miserable?
If you had been a one night stand of Drew's would you be as heartbroken as he says all his other conquests were? Can sex be just sex for you?

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
3 Stars!!!
This book wasn't the best when it comes to story line in my opinion. There were quite a few times in the beginning especially where the character would spontaneously jump from one part of his life to another and seemed to forget that we were trying to take a ride with him.

Characters (Likability)
4 Stars!!!
As much crap as I'm giving about Drew talking directly to the reader, I will say that for the most part everything he said was fresh and funny. Some things were corny as hell but he was a character that grows on you. Kate was someone that I could see myself being good friends with. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and the drive and will power to make it through whatever she was faced with.

How bad ass was this book:
I give the book on a whole a healthy 4 stars!!
I was tempted every now and again to put this book down and never look at it again. Not because it was a bad book but because of Drew. Him talking to me really started to peeve me off especially when the plot was not clear. But once I accepted the fact that he indeed would be talking to me through out the whole book I was so happy that I was able to put up with him. I laughed out loud at some of the things that he was saying and was pissed at Kate for a few thing that she said. Was intrigued by the aspects of Investment banking. By the end of the book I was rooting for Drew and wished that Kate would just forgive him. I mean sheesh how many guys will have their names along with your sky written? :-)