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A Shade of Vampire- Bella Forrest They say it's a twilight 2.0...Ugh

A Shade Of Vampire by Bella Forrest


This is a review for a series that I stumbled across via Facebook. I am a little put off only because the ad claimed that it was better than Twilight. I don't want a book trying to live up to Twilight, I want a book that is its own separate entity.

The start!!- so first I would like to say that I was sucked in right from the start. I was a little pissed off at Ben for not putting her first but I tried not to let it get the best of my feelings for him. I am hoping that he plays a bigger part later. Unfortunately I am a bit disappointed in the inconsistencies in the book. There is one part where it says that her hands are bound and that it hurts for her to even move her arms but then the next chapter she is using her hands to rub all over her body?  One chapter Derek removes the chains and has her walk beside him then the next chapter she complains that she can't help because she is chained and watched behind him
(*********AAAAAAA..... HUH?********)

SAY WORD!!! I was all set to dislike this book based on other peoples reviews and the fact that they kept comparing it to twilight.... THEY ARE SOOOOO WRONG!!!    This book is great on its own merit. I love the fact that Bella shows just how much the other slave women mean to Sophia. The fact that she was willing to ask if she could take them with her when Derek was going to set her free showed just how much compassion she really had. 

Out of all the characters in the story that I really should be made at I was surprised that out of all of them BEN was who I have a severe hatred for.  Sophia loved him for years and although she never said anything he should have known that there were some feelings going on there. She was obviously caught between wanting to stay with Derek and leaving with Ben. She tried to explain to him that Derek was not as bad as Claudia but Ben was just not having it. I can understand that he was taken by the most sadistic of the them all and was tortured but just because one was bad does not mean all of them are bad.

Lucas- Where did you go??? Lucas is also on my shit list. I don't know how he could betray his brother that way but at every turn he seems to want to hurt Derek.

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. Is it me or does this really have a slight Beauty and the Beast feel to it? Was the Disney classic any influence while writing this book?
2. Did Lucas believe that he should be king instead of Derek?
3. Where did the members of the shade reside before the island?

For my fellow book lovers:

Do you feel like Sophia and Derek could be compatible for the long haul?
What do you feel like the Derek Father is going to be like? A tyrant like Lucas or more like Vivienne?
What are your thoughts on Ben?

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
3 stars!
I was on enthralled with this book but I will say that getting used to the switch in point of view took a little getting used to. I especially noticed it when there were discrepancies in what happened in the previous chapters. With all that said, the actual story itself kept me quite entertained, this book was definitely a page turner.

Characters (Likability)
4 stars!
There are so many characters to get used to right from the start in this book. For the most part I felt like the characters played true to themselves, Lucas was a jerk from start to finish, Derek was the tortured soul from start to finish, and Sophia was the strong compassionate flawed one from the beginning. The only one that was a little bit of a mystery to me was Vivenne. I can't tell if she means everyone well or not. Also I wish there was a bit more backstory on the other harem girls.

How bad ass was this book:
5 Stars!!!
After being ready to be disappointed I am happy to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!   There is very little I can say bad about this book, the story was riveting the characters were new and refreshing and the cliffhanger literally had me downloading the next book immediately. I can't wait to read what happens to Sophia and Derek. I have a feeling that this is going to be a killer series!

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