Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Black Tight Leather- Poem inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

Black tight leather
Shiny and ready for tonight
Hand cuffs in hand just
In case you want to fight
All my items are in a row
And your emotions nothing short of fright
You look at me like I’m crazy
But you don’t move, intrigued
I’m a changed woman, no more lace
Yes a changed woman indeed
I’ve been waiting for years
For this inner vixen to be freed
Now the time has come
Cat o’nine tails in hand
Dark room, no sound
Time for the domme to take a stand
Time to cross over from the
Blessed into the damned
I save the toys for a later date
I want to just get the act over
I will not wait for to long
Pants off and me bending over
You still look scared, I’m bored
Now, pants unbuckled, gun out the holster
Game time.

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