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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review.... Sigh

This is a review of the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie. The books Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, all written by the wonderful E.L James. Yes she is wonderful she introduced Christian to us all...****Sigh****
Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James

Let me start this review by saying that I absolutely adore the fifty shades books. I have read each of them countless times. I have read fifty shades of grey fan fiction, one of the best I have ever encountered is http://christiangrey50shades.blogspot.co.uk/. They tell the story completely from Christians POV. I loved it.  
I went to see the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
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The Characters!
Anastasia Rose Steele played by Dakota Johnson
This was great casting! I can totally picture her as Ana. While watching the movie seeing her move and talk, all I could say was that's Ana!!! She was clumsy and very mousy like the book. I did wish that she showed more of her smart mouth but I can understand that because of time restraints not every part of the book could be transferred to the big screen. Her body was perfect in accordance with the book, skin was the right tone and hair was right on point! She had an inner fire that could be seen  in her eyes. I really liked how she was visibly upset by the purchase of the car. All in all Dakota did a great job!

Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan
Soooo... Jamie Dornan played Christian. Let me be the first to say that Christian Grey has some huge shoes to fill. HUGE. So its with great regret that I have to say Jamie did not live up to what I had in mind for Christian Grey. I will say that they got the body type close to perfect in my eyes. That lower V in the pelvic area.... *****O>>>>>>M>>>>>>>G******
He was good in the interview scene, I was thoroughly impressed! I remember looking up at the 
screen thinking ...sheesh, I'm nervous for her. BUT that is about the most I could say. I was not once intimidated by Christian, his surroundings yes but I was never intimidated by him. He did look intense but his breakthrough came too soon. My first "Christian would never do that" moment was after Ana woke up from night out with Kate and Jose, hung over. He brought her toast?? Just toast??? But the kicker was when he crawled onto the bed and took a bite out of the toast Ana was holding, playfully... Christian would not do that. At least not so early into the book/movie. There were countless times where he (Jamie Dornan) would say something that Christian said in the book but it would sound forced or shaky, no confidence behind it. Example the business meeting scene "I want to fuck you into next week"... definitely something that Christian would say but I couldn't believe it when I heard it from Jamie. Just no confidence. He gave a good show but didn't match up to the famous Christian Grey.

Story : From Book to Screen

I felt like the movie was condensed way too much but I can understand why. I mean who wants to sit through a three hour movie. I was happy to see that they pretty much tap on every major part of the book. They touched on the throwing up spectacle after they finished there finals. Although Jose didn't look very drunk to me, but that's my opinion. They touched on Ana sleeping with him, they touched on the gliding and Charlie Tango... Good job with that scene guys!!! Ana meeting Grace. Kate and Elliot's relationship.
My issues through out the whole book there was not ONE TIME we heard of Christian using an iPhone! He is a Blackberry man!!! WHERE IS IT??? Not one time did we hear of Ana and Christian stopping the car to take a walk into the forest and look at the lake to talk, At least not in book one. NEVER did they have a business meeting in Christian's office building to discuss the contract! NEVER!!! I wish those who created this movie would have just stuck to the book. Its the little details that really resonate with the reader and make us fall back into love with the story of Christian and Ana.

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. What did you think about the final movie? Were you impressed with the actors and how they portrayed your characters?
2. Did the movie live up to your ideas of all the characters?
3. Did you have a hand in the choosing of all the characters?

For my fellow book lovers:

What did you think of the characters? Is Jamie the best Christian? Dakota for Johnson?
What part of the book did you wish was in the movie? What part was OK to be left out?
My pick for Christian Grey!
Henry Cavill is my dream Christian Grey. ``````````SIGH`````````

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
3 Stars!!!
I was really only able to follow this movie because I read the book. If I had not read the book I would have been completely confused. I was disappointed because there was quite a few different events in the books that was not played out on screen and quite a few events in the movie that was not in the book.

2 Stars!!!
I was sooooo disappointed in many of the characters. Mia Grey, Katherine Kavanagh, CHRISTIAN GREY. None of them looked or acted like what was portrayed in the book. I feel like they got Taylor right on the head and Ana was a good casting, but for the most part everyone else was a huge let down

How bad ass was this Movie:
Unfortunately I can only give this movie 3 Stars :-(
I was hoping for so much more than what I was given. I desperately tried to go into the theater with an open head but I couldn't get passed all the errors in the movie and everything that they left out. I wish they could just do the movie over and really stay true to the book. Give me the little details that I yearn for. Make me really intimidated. Make me believe!

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