Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rock Me- Cherrie Lynn Review.... He Sounds SOOOOO Hot!!

Since I am starting my journey in the middle of February, I guess I'll just start with books that I have read over this month and continue as I go along. One of the first books that I read this month is
 Rock Me By Cherrie Lynn
Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2)

This is the second book in the Ross Siblings books. Unfortunately or Fortunately for me this was the first one I picked up. Usually I try to read the books from the first install to the last install but I was immediately drawn to this book for some reason. Maybe it was the tattooed bad boy? Or was it the secretly wild sheltered girl? I like to think its a little bit of
If there is one thing that I can say about this book is the chemistry between the two were literally OOOOZING of the pages!
Candace is the main female character of the book and she basically is a goodie goodie with a bad streak just waiting to come out. The book starts of with her going to a tattoo parlor to get herself a tattoo, something her family definitely frowns down on. It is quite obvious that not only is she getting the tattoo to piss off her parents but also because of the person giving her the tattoo, Brian. Brian is the bad boy with arms filled with tattoos, the black sheep of his affluent family. He is also a kick ass tattoo artist, with a love of Korn (*****sigh*****) oh yea, he's also Candace cousin's ex. Uh Oh.
Candace and Brian spend the majority of there time finding out how much they care for one another and what they would do in order to keep the love alive! He is everything that most would ever want in a man, loyal, caring, bad ass, protective, oh did I mention apadraya piercing? Do you know what it is? I have never experienced one but I wouldn't mind!!!!!

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. Do Brian and Candace really work out, like till death do them part or do the differences finally take hold of them?
2. Is this just a phase for Candace?
3. Does Candace's family loosen up a bit, its almost shameful how closed to different this family is. I see a little light at the end of the tunnel in the last portion of the book with the dinner and Brian, but I really feel like that was forced.

For my fellow book lovers:
What do you think of Brian's family? A little too holier than thou?
Do you have any experience with Apadraya piercings? Would you like to?

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
4 Stars!!!
This book was definitely easy to follow. So much in fact I was pretty much sure of exactly what would happen next.  A little more predictable and it would be a bad thing.

Characters (Likability)
4 Stars!!!
I was pleasantly surprised that each person had a genuine personality. I was happy to see that each character was talked about at least a little bit. Made me want to know more about each person. I guess thats why this is part of a

How bad ass was this book:
I give the book on a whole a healthy 4 stars!!
I loved the journey that they took us on and how I really connected with some of the emotions the characters were feeling. Candace got on my nerves at times being so attached to what her family thought of her, but I guess I would have to be in that situation to really feel what she was feeling. I loved the fact that the author brought you into Brian's lifestyle, Korn concerts, mosh pits, piercings. This book was great I would definitely recommend to anyone down for a good romance definitely NA age range.

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