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Friend Zone- Belle Aurora... Literary Genius!!!

This review is about a book that had me hooked from the very beginning! I couldn't put it down!
Friend Zoned By Belle Aurora
Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned, #1)

Can you say OH...MY.... EVER-LOVING JESUS!!!!! 
By the end of chapter 2 when Tina was explaining why she loathed Jace I was stuck! I gasped audibly and backed away from my screen... Screaming all the while in my head, "no no I need to know more!!!"
I loved how the author placed little sub text under the chapter number, it was so fun!
The phrases that they use in this book have me smiling from ear to ear but then again I am a goof ball myself just like Tina.
I LOVE IT!!!!! The more I read the more Tina seems like the perfect person, flawed but with a great personality.
There is a lot of affection being thrown around. There is hugs and jumping and I love yous right from the start. Tina seems to be a very caring person,  someone who makes sure that everyone is OK before they look out for themselves.

Freeze Frame- He just quit smoking. Going from having a full blown smoke break schedule to not smoking again just because of one remark? from someone you don't even know?? Yea... not realistic at all.  Also another part of the story that is really bothering me, The author has this story taking place in New York, yet she has Tina closing the store and people randomly running into stores with a gun? Yea... what part of New York does that happen?
Ummmmm....So some dude basically rampages through your whole life by having you investigated and you feel bad for him??????? WHAT??? I am nice and i like to think that me and Tina have a lot of common traits, this is not one of them.

There were so many times in the book that I just wished that they would realize that they were good for eachother. It seemed that they were both getting in each others way.

Max seemed like a really good guy, I was worried for a while that He would fall in love with Tina.
Gratefully everything played out the way it should have.

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!

1. Will there be another book with Tina/Nik  as the stars?
2. What made you pick Croatia as the place where Tina comes from? Russia for Nik?
3. Why did Nik feel like his time spent in the gang Chaos was a bad part of his past, he seemed to be ashamed of what he had done instead of being proud of his heritage.

For my fellow book lovers:

How do you feel about the way Nik and Tina met? Realistic?
Anyone live in New York? Does this feel like a book that could have really taken place in New York City?
Who was your favorite character? Why?

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
5 Stars!!!
I was on an endless journey with this book. I could easily follow along with what was happening and could see myself there with the characters. I had a few problems with the location of the book being a native New Yorker but besides that this book was a great read.

Characters (Likability)
5 Stars!!!
There is nothing but good things that I can say about the characters in this book. From all the girls at Safria to all the boys at the White Rabbit I was enthralled. They all had great personalities, all very genuine. I never once picked up the book and thought how generic the character seemed. I thoroughly loved each and everyone of the characters in the book.

How bad ass was this book:
The best book I have read this week!! 5 Stars!!!
I was glued to my screened for this whole book. There was very few times where I had to stop myself from reading the book because something got on my nerves. (Who closes a NY boutique in the middle of the day for lunch?) :-/. But it was never longer than a minute of down time! I loved this book from beginning to end. I cried with Max and Tina, I routed Nik on, I was pissed at Ghost, I felt like I was really in the story with them! LOVED IT!!!

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